Email Newsletter Examples

Newsletters allow NEI to speak directly to businesses and business support organizations, sharing inspiration, opportunities, and resources. In 2019, we refocused our newsletter efforts to four strategic newsletter formats, each tailored to a specific audience and need.

Newsletters for Small Businesses

The “Make It Your Business” series of twice-monthly emails highlights events, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurs of all stripes.

Newsletters for Business Support Organizations

Focused on our network of Business Support Organizations, this email series shares events, resources, and opportunities tailored to them. 

Urgent COVID Communications

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic required a shift away from event newsletters and toward what small businesses desperately needed – quick access to resources and a trusted source of information, inspiration, and connectivity. NEI formed a rapid response center to inform, connect, and move funding, using newsletters as a key communication tool.

Storytelling from In Good Co

The In Good Co. newsletter showcases the passion, duty, and purpose that drives every Detroit entrepreneur by introducing local people who are meeting the everyday challenges of owning and operating a business. These emails remind aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses that they are not alone on their journey.